26 may 2011

Jorge Conde's Everyday Impostor Project exhibited in PHotoEspaña 2011_


Raquel Ponce Gallery exhibits Jorge Conde's Everyday Impostor Project in PHotoEspaña 2011, the international Photography & Visual Arts Festival.

Opening: June 2, 8pm.

Exhibition dates: June 1 through July 23.
Venue: Raquel Ponce Gallery, Madrid (SPAIN).
Website: http://www.galeriaraquelponce.es/exposicion_act.php?id=88

jorge conde

With this project, Jorge Conde aims to explore three crucial concepts in contemporary Western societies: utopia, visual imposture and socioeconomic success. He focuses his research on motor vehicles of all versions and designed for all purposes. He presents the automobile as a source of endless emotions and experiences, a “perfect” machine which incarnates the technological utopia of its time and confirms the supremacy of a global socioeconomic model. The artist searches for and photographs shabby, useless, scrapped vehicles in order to highlight their built-in obsolescence quality, a widely used strategy in contemporary market economies which promises ephemeral well-being and serves the purpose of creating new needs by constantly putting pressure on individuals and altering the landscape. With his photos, videos and objects he intends to stir the observer’s mind as well as to unmask the imposter.

Jorge Conde’s work deals with some key issues of existentialism but now updated, such as the individual’s transforming potential, the quest for material and ethical success, personal memory and collective forgetfulness.

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